“Here we are again…”

Some of you out there in the internet may follow me on twitter. Or tumblr. (or instagram, or goodreads, but NEVER linkedin.) Heck, a precious few may even remember the days when I was at BlogSpot. Even fewer may remember a few other blogs that came and went in the mid-aughts (dondheim anyone?). You may find yourself asking why I’m starting YET ANOTHER one, instead of maintaining what I already have. (And with a custom domain name that costs actual dollars. Every year. Possibly “forever”, which is maybe the most horrifying word I’ve ever heard.) Here are a few reasons:

  • My position at work has changed and now I’m spending most of the day behind a desk and often need a little project to pick-at to keep me sane.
  • During aforementioned downtime I’ve been reading a lot of commentary about TV and movies and have an appetite for writing about that sort of thing.
  • I had initially stepped away from my blogger account because I didn’t feel so self important to pontificate in long text posts and preferred the media sharing options of tumblr. But now I’m in a place can’t really tumbl most of the day, and maybe I’m feeling self-important again.

So what can you expect to find? As Jonathan Larson once wrote, “we’ll see, boys”. Things that immediately come to mind include:

  • I will most certainly post reactions to things I see and hear. This would include cast recordings, movies, tv shows, etc. And possibly also other articles from the interwebz, podcasts, etc. I probably won’t consider what I post to be a “review”. I certainly won’t consider it to be a “think piece”. But maybe you will. And if you’re reading it, what do I really have to complain about?
  • Recipes? I mean, why the hell not? I’ve got a few choice ones that might be worth sharing.
  • Bulleted lists. But probably (hopefully) not “listacles”.  

The only thing I can be sure of is that my posting will be irregular and entertaining (to me). And full of musical theater references and puns.

Away we go!