The King and me2ism: Anna and the King (1972 TV Series)

As newspapers, magazines and countless websites spend a lot of time this month discussing the high and low points of this Fall TV season, I wonder if there was this much speculative criticism forty years ago. I’m particularly curious as to the nature of the buzz surrounding Anna and the King, a curiosity of a series that ran for 13 episodes in the fall of 1972. The pilot episode, with an optional commentary from its Anna, Samantha Eggars, is included as a bonus feature on the blu ray of The King and I.

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Just keep an open mind, and then suddenly you’ll find…

peterNBC has released a teaser pic of Allison Williams as Peter Pan to promote their holiday LIVE! presentation of the classic musical. I have to say, she looks pretty good. I think the costume is sufficiently imaginative and whimsical while also being somewhat masculine and rugged. That being said, Allison Williams is Peter Pan LIVE! strikes me as a somewhat strange–though intriguing–follow up to The Sound of Music LIVE! Continue reading

Emmy Time!

39555_lgI’ve recently decided that, for the first time in years, I’m very interested in the Emmy Awards. Mind you there are MANY MANY top contenders that I haven’t seen this season/ever (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Veep, Louie, and The Normal Heart are the most notable that come to mind). And the majority of the TV I do watch regularly was never in danger of being nominated (I haven’t missed an episode of the decidedly un-trendy Bones, Castle, or Criminal Minds in YEARS). But I’ve enjoyed reading the wonderful bounty of criticism about this season, and am a huge fan of The Good Wife, Fargo, OITNB, True Detective, House of Cards, etc. So what the hell, here’s my┬átake on the upcoming Emmy nominees.
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