Scene in Cleveland: Amazons and Their Men


Clubbed Thumb’s Amazons… women: Heidi Schreck (reclined) and Rebecca Wysocki (photo Carl Skutsch)

In 2008 Clubbed Thumb, a theater company I had worked with in the past, presented a new play by Jordan Harrison called Amazons and their Men. Although I don’t have a ton of specific memories of the production, I remember being generally impressed with the production (such that I sought out work with that company the following two summers), especially the two actresses who represented half of the cast: Rebecca Wysocki brough shades of Norma Desmond to Nazi propaganda film auteur Leni Riefenstahl and Heidi Shreck made a strong impression as Riefenstahl’s sister and most versatile screen extra. Both women would win Obies that season (though Shreck was honored for a different performance). But regardless of its acclaim, the┬ámemory of a “downtown” theater production typically lives on only in production shots and the memories of those who worked on or saw its brief run. So when a friend from the North Coast Men’s Chorus texted me a few weeks with an invite to see a production here in Cleveland I was surprised and excited to have an opportunity to revisit this play. Continue reading