Emmy Time!

39555_lgI’ve recently decided that, for the first time in years, I’m very interested in the Emmy Awards. Mind you there are MANY MANY top contenders that I haven’t seen this season/ever (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Veep, Louie, and The Normal Heart are the most notable that come to mind). And the majority of the TV I do watch regularly was never in danger of being nominated (I haven’t missed an episode of the decidedly un-trendy Bones, Castle, or Criminal Minds in YEARS). But I’ve enjoyed reading the wonderful bounty of criticism about this season, and am a huge fan of The Good Wife, Fargo, OITNB, True Detective, House of Cards, etc. So what the hell, here’s my┬átake on the upcoming Emmy nominees.
Predicted Winners will appear in bold.
My personal preferences will be italicized.
[egregiously overlooked nominees will be bracketed] Continue reading