Scene in Pittsburgh: CATS

Elizabeth Stanley (Grizabella)
& Ken T. Prymus (Old Deuteronomy)

Over the weekend, my bf, a friend, and I drove to Pittsburgh to see Elizabeth Stanley (whom I worked with on a revival of Hello Again a few years back) play Grizabella in CATS at the Pittsburgh CLO.  If a friend of yours is playing Grizabella a scant two hours away, how can you NOT see it? And, as I have posted before, I have a certain nostalgic fondness for CATS.

So I viewed the production in Pittsburgh through a series of filters. I saw it as a nostalgic (and clearly neurotic) 12 year old, as a more season (and perhaps cynical) reformed theater professional, and as the supportive friend of a cast member. I also saw it  through the eyes of my friends, who basically only know CATS as the show that surrounds “Memory”. Continue reading